Covid information

As per the last Government Announcement all Covid Restrictions for England were removed on the 24th February 2022, however to ensure we provide our customers and staff with a safe working environment will we still continue to provide the following:

If you do test positive we would respectively ask you not to enter our premises and all though you are not forced to do so you are encouraged to stay at home for 5 days.

The use of hand sanitiser will be provided at strategic points within the building.

Sanitising tables for customers use will as always continue.

If you wish to wear your mask as you enter our premises feel free to do so.

A table reservation for meals will be offered if required to room guests.

In the Peak Season it is advisable for Day visitors to reserve a table by either calling  01289 389311 or email

Our current meal operating hours are:
Monday to Friday –  Lunch 12-2pm Dinner 5-8pm
Saturday – Lunch 12-3pm Dinner 5-8pm
Sunday – Lunch 12-3pm Dinner 5-7.30pm

Finally we would like to thank all of our customers and staff who through the Covid Pandemic have supported our business over the past 2 very difficult years.

We look forward to welcoming you