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The Longest Day

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

After a few rain showers earlier in the day the evening ended in a glorious sunset ending on a pleasant warm eveing with the air very still and a dead calm sea…..perfect! With the tide in, it was an ideal evening to have a gentle stroll around the harbour and take in the delights that the uniqueness of Holy Island always delivers. Whether you just enjoy a peaceful stroll, capturing the “perfect light” so sought after by photographers or artists alike you realise how special Holy Island is.

Swifts, swallows and many other birds feeding on the evening insect life, so abundant at this time of the year and with the occasional “clang sound”  from the boats moored on the anchor chains is something to behold. Let’s just hope with the main months of Summer now with us that there are many more wonderful days ahead on Holy Island especially when the tide is in and the island delivers what it does best……. tranquility! so very rare these days.

Food Items Not To Forget!

And on a final note, the photo showing a shopping list with this little editorial probably sums it all up which was found on the harbour’s edge. Let’s get away and relax. Perfect!

Holy Island Dune Grass Inferno!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

In the 6 years we have owned the inn we never dreamt that the following would happen. Having a quiet drink with a North East colleague a man limps into the inn walking stick in hand and says “I need some help”. With anguish written all over his face and trembling all over we asked what was up. Shaking as he replied he said “I think I have set the island on fire!” From our casual conversations that we were having it certainly ramped things up a gear or two! He had done this by setting off a Chinese latern and with strong prevailing winds blew the lit lantern  in to the dune grasses near to The Snook. We dialled 999 which sent at least five fire tenders in attendance plus our ever faithful Holy Island H M Coast Guard attended by head of the island’s coastguard, Ryan Douglas, his father Paul and grandfather, Tommy.

Driving down to the scene the fire was out of control and engulfing the dune grasses for at least 200 metres advancing towards Holy Island village. The photograph attached taken via hand held Blackberry shows even in poor night conditions, flames stretching along the tail of the island as the fire fighters worked hard by trying to beat back the flames. In summary untold damage done through an inconsiderate act!

Out Of Control Fire Engulfs Dune Grasses Near The Snook

First 2011 Wedding As Spring Approaches

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

With a tranquil atmosphere in an area of outstanding beauty and the island’s unique setting there is no better place to chose for a wedding celebration then Holy Island Northumberland; it is the perfect choice. The weather today on Saturday 5th March was all you could wish for, wall to wall sunshine with cobalt blue skies.

This provided the perfect setting for our first wedding of 2011 when Dave Williamson married Jane Carter at Lindisfarne Castle. Dave & Jane have been planning this very special day for the last two years and were joined by family and close friends journeying from Dave’s, Teesside and Jane’s, Cambridgeshire  for a wedding celebration at The Ship Inn. The wedding planned incorporating an extensive buffet lunch included local Holy Island crab  and shellfish, afternoon tea, scones with clotted cream and jam, finished in the evening with a personilised hot buffet meal. The only downside is that guests made a friendly comment in that pounds were added although there was some relief by being able to dance to the evening’s live music which was supplied by Northumbrian borders band “Real to Reel”

Raging Seas Always Deserve Respect & Brian Patterson Celebrates 52 years!!!

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

The month of January was relatively quiet after the raging blizzards that brought heavy snows for most of December. And then as we entered February we were reminded that Winter still has us in its grip. Towards the end of last week the winds reached gale force proportions with Friday reminding us, here on the island that the seas deserve to be respected. Gale force 10′s hit the island whipping up the harbour into something like a simmering witches cauldron in turn closing the causeway road 1 hour before the tide closure time published. Our local fishing fleet anchored in the harbour and surrounding bay were tossed around like matchwood, but fortunately weathered the storm which finally abated in the early hours of Saturday morning. The Holy Island coast guard were called out a number of times over the last few days and as always provided an excellent service to those in distress.

And so we move on to the final chapter in this blog update and cannot fail to mention one particular coast guard member who from information The Ship Inn has been given has now served as the longest UK member in the coast guard voluntary service. This accolade goes to Brian Patterson who joined the coast guard at the age of 16 on 6 February 1959. Brian, a regular at The Ship Inn is one of life’s “nice gentleman” . Unassuming, he visits The Ship Inn every Sunday and never misses. Along with his island friend, Jimmy Middlemiss they always enjoy a pint or two sitting on their favourite stools and help towards making a pleasant atmosphere every Sunday lunchtime. Andrew & Janice and all the staff at The Ship wish Brian good health and happiness for many years to come!

52 years in the coast guard joined 6 Feb 1959