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An M.B.E For Longest Serving Member In H.M. Coastguard

Friday, June 17th, 2011

For those of you who follow our “Ship’s Blog” it is nice to see that an article that was “breaking news” here on our website a couple of months ago (see “Raging Seas” ) about our unassuming but one of lifes gentleman, islander Brian Patterson who was a deserving recipient of an M.B.E. made public in the Queen’s birthday honours announced last week on the Queen’s official birthday on Saturday 11 June.

Interviewing Brian on the morning the wonderful news broke, Brian said “when I recieved the official letter, you could have knocked me down with a feather, I was speechless!” Brian said that he knows he owes a big thank you to Ian Mills and Ryan Douglas , coastguard members, who were instrumental in sponsoring Brian and putting forward the nomination for Brian’s M.B.E.

Brian has given public service to the coastguard for 52 years and although retired from the service still continues to be an importanty member of the island’s community by driving the island’s children to Lowick when the mainland is accessable, caretaker at the Holy Island school plus keeping the islands grass looking tidy, giving it a weekly cut. He says it’s his weekend intake of John Smiths at The Ship that helps to build up his energy reserves!

So the next big thing for Brian to look forward is to go to Buckingham Palace to receive his M.B.E. from the Queen. Brian will be taking his wife, Annette, plus daughters Anna and Karen. Of course for a very special occasion like this Brian is off to the tailors for his made to measure suit and more importantly, Annette has forewarned Brian that his bank balance maybe a little lighter as Annette makes plans for that very special outfit, which for the number one lady in his life, there is no argument!!

We wish you well Brian and enjoy that once in a lifetime special occasion, you deserve it, well done!

A Pint To Clebrate Brian's MBE - Left to Right: Jimmy Middlemiss, Brian (seated centre) Andrew, landlord, behind Brian and Freddie Holt celebrate with a pint!

60 And Not Out!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Days go by into weeks and weeks add up to years. I am sure at some point in our busy lives we look back and can’t quite believe where time has gone! And so the big day came up so quickly when Andrew, owner of  The Ship Inn, Holy Island Northumberland reached that milestone of 60 years. This short blog is just to extend a big thank you to family and friends who made 13 May 2011 such a special day and in particular, also to give a big thank you to our staff at The Ship Inn who held the business together which enabled Andrew & Janice to get away to York Races and celebrate such a special occasion. Waking up on the morning of the 13th you look back with many fond memories, many happy and some sad, but most importantly still here and achieving 6 decades. A few more grey hairs, less dark hair, a senior citizen rail card, free prescriptions, but most importantly, life goes on. Thanks to Janice, my lovely wife, children, Jo (her lovely book of memories was so touching) Lisa and Matthew plus a great brother Karl for surprising me with a professionally bound red book of “This Is Your Life…. So Far” which was the emotional “icing on the cake!” Finally a big thank you to Jane & Kenny Noble owners of Ate O’clock Restaurant, Ousegate, York who dida fantastic job, as we understand how taxing it can be to do in one hit 24 meals and no two the same . so all in all a great day and thanks to one and all.

Andrew & Janice York Races 13 May 2011

After 3 Years Planning on May 7 2011 Katherine & Jason Finally Make It!

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Another lovely wedding at The Ship Inn as Katherine & Jason finally said “I do!” This year we have had some lovely weddings at The Ship and this was no exception. We first met Katherine & Jason 3 years ago and in the 6 years of owning The Ship Inn this has to be the earliest for planning a couples wedding reception and it must be said with relatives as far south as Peterborough and the Northern Ireland all went extremely well. The wedding ceremony took place at the island’s catholic church, St. Aidans, officiated by Father Tony who sadly retires this October after serving

Katherine & Jason Seal It With a Kiss!


as a parish priest for nearly 47 years. Katherine & Jason had a traditional “wedding breakfast” and then as the evening approached danced to Gary Forrest’s border band. All in all a great time was had by all with some very witty speaches from Jason & his best man.

Alison & Zak Tie The Knot!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Weddings at The Ship follow all sorts of themes and at the end of the day the wedding couple with family and friends leave with happy memories. However it must be said that when Alison & Zak decided to hold their celebrations at The Ship Inn it certainly was a wedding with a difference. After the traditional Wedding Breakfast the evening kicked off with a quiz night which ensured the in laws and the outlaws all mixed in. This was followed by “Mr & Mrs” competition which somehow (it must of been a fluke) Janice and myself won! This was followed by the penultimate event picking up a cardboard bag. Sounds simple, but without using your hands stooping forward with good balance sounds easy; the trick though was after each participant successfully picked up the bag in the next round at least one inch was cut off until just the base was left on the ground. It must be said we have never seen so many rubber boned contortionists complete the task. Our photo shows, Alison the bride going for gold, although it must be said that her friend Marlene certainly took some beating in a trouser suit that must have had the strongest stitching possible and was an act that was very difficult to follow!

Alison Going For Gold!

Holy Island Dune Grass Inferno!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

In the 6 years we have owned the inn we never dreamt that the following would happen. Having a quiet drink with a North East colleague a man limps into the inn walking stick in hand and says “I need some help”. With anguish written all over his face and trembling all over we asked what was up. Shaking as he replied he said “I think I have set the island on fire!” From our casual conversations that we were having it certainly ramped things up a gear or two! He had done this by setting off a Chinese latern and with strong prevailing winds blew the lit lantern  in to the dune grasses near to The Snook. We dialled 999 which sent at least five fire tenders in attendance plus our ever faithful Holy Island H M Coast Guard attended by head of the island’s coastguard, Ryan Douglas, his father Paul and grandfather, Tommy.

Driving down to the scene the fire was out of control and engulfing the dune grasses for at least 200 metres advancing towards Holy Island village. The photograph attached taken via hand held Blackberry shows even in poor night conditions, flames stretching along the tail of the island as the fire fighters worked hard by trying to beat back the flames. In summary untold damage done through an inconsiderate act!

Out Of Control Fire Engulfs Dune Grasses Near The Snook