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The Longest Day

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

After a few rain showers earlier in the day the evening ended in a glorious sunset ending on a pleasant warm eveing with the air very still and a dead calm sea…..perfect! With the tide in, it was an ideal evening to have a gentle stroll around the harbour and take in the delights that the uniqueness of Holy Island always delivers. Whether you just enjoy a peaceful stroll, capturing the “perfect light” so sought after by photographers or artists alike you realise how special Holy Island is.

Swifts, swallows and many other birds feeding on the evening insect life, so abundant at this time of the year and with the occasional “clang sound” ¬†from the boats moored on the anchor chains is something to behold. Let’s just hope with the main months of Summer now with us that there are many more wonderful days ahead on Holy Island especially when the tide is in and the island delivers what it does best……. tranquility! so very rare these days.

Food Items Not To Forget!

And on a final note, the photo showing a shopping list with this little editorial probably sums it all up which was found on the harbour’s edge. Let’s get away and relax. Perfect!